Made in France

A vision
Another look

Sîn, divinity of the Moon in Ancient Mesopotamia, the cradle of vine cultivation for wine production.

With Sîn, we return to the sources of viticulture, combining the infinitely renewable nature of the viticultural and lunar cycles.
Sîn, a French Wine produced in Bordeaux, port of the Moon in reference to the meanders of the Garonne River along the city’s quays.
Sîn creates a bridge between the Ancient history of Wine and its Contemporary history.

Sîn, “Vine qua non” implies the obvious, “Wine without conditions, Wine and nothing else, Wine without compromise”.

An inspiration

Wine has been around for centuries, its purpose has gradually been forgotten:
to simply enjoy itself.

Sîn is neither a Grand Cru nor a gadget, it is a wine produced in Bordeaux.
Sîn is the association of a Bordeaux wine merchant and an independent Girondin producer sharing the same desire, to offer the consumer a wine without artifice, simple and respectful.

Sîn is the experience of the Bordeaux terroir for 4 generations.

A commitment

Wine is above all about immediate pleasure, having a good time and sharing.

One objective, to give everyone access to wine, without asking a multitude of questions: taste, conservation, accompaniment …
Sîn has been created to bring people together and have a good time as an aperitif, at the table or at any other time.
The experience, the work in the vineyard and the cellar allow us to obtain a constant quality every year, with Sîn, no more questioning.

“I uncork, I share “or not” and I enjoy myself”.

Sîn is produced on a HVE3 certified vineyard, the highest and most demanding level of environmental certification for farms.
The winemaking equipment is IFS-certified, proving that the safety and hygiene of the wines are controlled.

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